PostHeaderIcon The Importance of a Creche Scene as a Christmas Decoration

In today’s politically correct world, Christmas has lost some of its original meaning. People have begun saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” so as not to offend those of different faiths. Traditional Christmas carols are seldom heard in public any longer, having been replaced by songs such as “Jingle Bells”, “White Christmas” or “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”. Sadly, to many people Christmas is simply about long and elaborate wish lists, and stores capitalizing on the event to garner hefty profits. There are, however, decorative items, which serve as a reminder of how Christmas came to be, and that is Christmas nativity sets.

Many styles of Crèche scenes exist, but the focal point is always the Baby Jesus in the manger. This serves to remind the world that Christmas is named after Jesus Christ, and is His birthday. One of the designs depicts Santa Claus kneeling beside the manger in worship, acknowledging that although Saint Nicholas and gift giving fit into the holiday; Jesus is the most important part.

Usually the scene includes Mary and Joseph, who kneel and look at their Son in adoration. Often shepherds and wise men are depicted, as well as the animals that shared the stable with the Lord when He was born on this earth. Although occasionally the pieces are all separate, a set is usually pre-made, with the pieces placed inside an open-faced stable. Many feature a star at the top, which represents the bright star that led the wise men to the Baby Jesus. Some sets show angels floating above the stable’s roof.

While there is nothing wrong with Christmas decorations such as snowmen, reindeer, Santas and elves, there is something special about the manger scene. Seeing the tiny Baby worshiped by both lowly shepherds and rich kings while sleeping in a stable proclaims God’s message. His own Son was born on the first Christmas night, for rich and poor alike. Instead of lying on soft bedding in a crib in a palace, He slumbered on rough straw, wrapped in swaddling clothes in the presence of sheep and cattle. This depicts His humility, and the fact that He left all His glory behind to come to earth to live and ultimately die.

His birth was truly celebrated that night over two thousand years ago, and the Crèche symbolizes that fact. The shepherds standing over the manger left their sheep to come and see the Lord. The wise men traveled many miles and faced the wrath of Herod. They all came, because the Baby Jesus was worthy of worship. To find the best nativity scenes to display the nativity story, visit

The wise men are pictured presenting their gifts to Jesus — gold, frankincense and myrrh. Some believe that those first Christmas presents were the initiation of the gift-giving that happens today. When folks look at Christmas nativity sets and ponder this meaning, it is to be hoped that all would realize that it represents the most wonderful gift of all — the gift God sent to a lost world — hope and redemption through His own Son.

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