PostHeaderIcon What Your Choice in Curtains Says about You

curtainYour design choices don’t just create a particular look or feel for the rooms in your home, they also say a lot about your personality. That goes for every aspect of your design, from the furniture you choose to the art you curate to the curtains you hang.

Curtains are actually one of the most important pieces in any room. They can totally change the look of the room, and they can determine whether the room feels casual or formal. Here’s what your choice in curtains says about you and your personality:


Bright Colors

Bright colors are a bold choice. Choosing bright colors shows that you have a strong personality, and that you are confident and fun. The choice of color also says a lot about you. For example, yellow is a more cheerful color, while blue is more peaceful and serene. The colors you choose not only express that aspect of your personality, but they also inspire those same feelings in the people who enter the room.


Lace Panels

Lace panels are light and airy. They make a room feel warm, open and inviting. When you choose lace panels, you show that you are a similarly warm, open and inviting person. This choice shows that you enjoy having people in your home and that you enjoy a feeling of peace and relaxation and work to actively invite it into your home.


Heavy Drapes

Heavy drapes are formidable. They create a formal and somber look in any room in which you hang them. By choosing heavy drapes, you show that you have more sophisticated tastes and a more serious personality. You probably prefer the finer things in life, and likely enjoy having a lot of quiet, alone time. You are also likely very meticulous about your home and about your other choices.


Curtains are not just curtains. They aren’t just a trivial decor choice. They can totally change the way a room looks, as well as the atmosphere that is created in the room, influencing the way that you and your guests feel when you are in it. The choices you make in curtains also says a lot about your personality and about what you value. Whether you choose bright colors or lace panels or heavy drapes, you tell your guests if you are serious or fun, prefer a lot of people over or value your alone time, and much more.

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