PostHeaderIcon Why opt for copper cookware

copper-cookwareIt is very important to get the right cookware to enhance your cooking experience and as there are different types of cookware that are available in varying materials, it is never an easy task to find cookware that will be well suited for you. You would have seen most of the cooks opting for copper cookware, as they look nice and are very good heat conductors. In a copper pan or pt, you will never have hot spots and it is possible to reach precise temperatures. Any change that is made in the temperature of the stove will almost immediately change the temperature of the pot and this can help you to brown or braise the foods to perfection.

Most of the affordable copper cookware that are available in the market will be heavier than cookware made of other materials. This allows the cookware to sit on the burners securely and is about the right weight where you will be able to lift the cookware with one hand. Copper cookware are visually appealing as it gives a rich look and that can add beauty to your kitchen .

However, there are also a few disadvantages to affordable copper cookware and one has to consider them before buying any copper pot or pan. Copper cookware is expensive when compared to most other cookware available. Copper reacts highly with foods and therefore all copper cookware will be lined with tin or stainless steel to prevent copper from reacting with foods. Maintaining copper cookware is not easy and they have to be polished often to make them look good. Washing copper pots in dishwasher is not advised and they have to be hand dried.

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